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DeveloperWeek 2023!

Wednesday, February 22 – Friday, February 23, 2023

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The Cisco Emerging Technologies & Incubation team empowers busy DevOps and SRE teams with Calisti – the only service mesh that supports both cloud-native microservices and Apache Kafka-based event-driven applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Let us show you how Calisti can manage your service mesh, Kafka, flexible deployment...all wrapped up in one beautiful, intuitive UI.

Attend our sessions

Join us for our Keynote presentation and conference track sessions to learn more about our initiatives across Cisco's Emerging Technologies.

Stefan Braicu - Customer Success Manager
Workshop: Learn to Deploy, Manage and Troubleshoot your Service Mesh

Stefan Braicu - Customer Success Manager

Wednesday, Feb 22 9:00am PST

Tim Szigeti - Principal Engineer
Simplifying Cloud Native Connectivity and Observability with Calisti

Tim Szigeti - Principal Engineer

Thursday Feb 23, 10:30am PST

Gal Bashan - Director of Engineering
Stop Using Dev Metrics!

Gal Bashan - Director of Engineering

Thursday Feb 23, 11:00am PST

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