Product Overview

Calisti at a Glance
Businesses are increasingly adopting Cloud Native microservice-based architectures, as these enable rapid application development with flexibility, stability, portability, and scale.
In turn, microservice-based application architectures benefit from a service mesh. A service mesh enables you to connect, control and observe microservices, thereby providing you with consistent development, deployment, security, and scalability of your microservice architecture.
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Microservice Architecture with a Service Mesh

Like any other technology, a service mesh is not without its challenges; these challenges include lifecycle management, multi-cluster support, and the ability to support advanced use cases, like implementing circuit breakers and enabling canary deployments. Calisti meets these challenges while simplifying mesh management and providing security, observability, and traffic management for your microservice-based applications.


Integrated Topology and Metrics View

Unlike open source solutions that require one tool for metrics, another for topology, and yet another for tracing, Calisti integrates observability into a single pane of glass.

Service Level Objective Burn Rates and Alerting Strategy View

Calisti can also set, track, and ensure compliance with Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

Calisti provides the following features to observe and manage the microservices running in your service mesh, as well as to implement advanced use cases.
Mesh Management
  • Istio management (installs, updates)
  • Architecture patterns (multi-mesh)
  • Easy configuration of multiple gateways per mesh
  • Interconnecting external services
  • Health metrics for services and workloads
  • Reliability testing and fault Injection
  • Configuration validations
Integrated Service Observability
  • Service Level Outlier (SLO-) based alerting
  • Outlier detection for health metrics
  • Integrated metrics and topology views
  • Timeline views
  • Traffic taps
  • Distributed tracing
  • Metrics collection
Advanced Use Cases Supported
  • Blue/Green deployments
  • Canary deployments with traffic management
  • Circuit breakers
  • Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) policy management
With these powerful features, Calisti enables you to standardize microservice security, observability, and traffic management, freeing your developers to focus on rapid application development to drive business transformation and growth.
The most advanced service mesh management, now free for everyone.
Support up to 10 nodes, 2 clusters

Support up to 10 nodes, 2 clusters

Dashboard for observability and control

Dashboard for observability and control

mTLS for Service to Service communications

mTLS for Service to Service communications

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